Art Thoughts & Calder

I attended the first museum exhibition in Los Angeles at LACMA of Alexander Calder Mobiles and Stabiles. At the entry of the exhibition, the museum guard told us, “No photography or waving motions.” That was unique. They didn’t want us to try to make the Mobiles move. Currently, I am working on art quilts using modern fabrics. This show fit right in with simple shapes and colors. I discovered that Calder was originally a painter. At first, he resisted the idea to make art that moved off the canvas. When he decided to try it, he still included a wooden frame outlining the mobile. He was part of an art community of amazing artists. This community encouraged Calder to try new things. Duchamp gave the name “Mobiles” to this work that could move. I found out from a museum guard that Calder wanted the Mobiles to be still sometimes so the viewer would slow down and contemplate the piece. These works are amazing in their balance, shapes, and movements. I thought of constellations (turned out to be the title of several pieces). The Stabiles are the large sculptures like the famous one in Chicago.


Seeing this show got me thinking about areas where I have experimented this past year with my own artwork. Friends in community gave support as I tried new ways to create my art and writing. I have created quilts with no batting or backing that were more like tapestries, I made sculptures of found pressed flowers, poetry fragments, and leaves layered between found glass; I created an artist book; made ink and watercolor paintings; among other media. Experimenting allowed me to explore the “what if.” It also helped me to “see” in new ways as I returned to art quilting. You never know when taking the risk to try something new will open a new door like the Mobiles did for Calder. This past year the conversation between; the joining of my art and poetry has opened new doors to exhibitions and poetry readings in 2014.


~ by fiberverse on December 30, 2013.

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