Creating a Small Solo Show in Six Weeks


I challenge myself to create fiber art for a small solo show in six weeks. (I have a sense of how much work I can get done in a month.)

This work is based on a poem I wrote, “How Moose Came to Live in the Forest.” From the poem I make a list of possible images and decide what I definitely want to get done for the show. The rest is optional. I measure the space so I can decide where to place the works.

The Moose family needs to be the centerpiece. I see it as a grid of four main characters. Fabrics given to me of gold, magenta, blue and black form the cornerstone for the grid pieces. These fabric fragments are all I have of most of these. The red-violet brought a fresh color to the subject of moose.


A charm bracelet of three leaves is significant to the story. I draw the leaves with ink on paper and prismacolor pencils. These are stitched onto the upholstery fabric collage. This triptych is to hang in the window.

The shape of antlers is new to me. I like working with a different shape; even a complex one. Cutting out and appliqueing all those points takes time.

My overall goal is to simplify my design. My collages tend to be full of many images. I want to say more with less. A new series allows the opportunity to change.


I am encouraged to hang banners to break up the gallery space. I use two sheer panels to creat a semi-transparent wall. I like the narrative shape of a scroll. It took a lot of time to decide how much, how little, and what values and shapes to get across the idea of a river and sunset.

The invitation has an image from my last series because the Moose series didn’t exist yet. This gives me the space to use a couple of artworks from another series. I didn’t have to create all new work. Some of the pressure is off.


I complete the “have to” pieces. I lay out the show on paper. It hangs as planned (unusual). I like creating my own intimate art space for the viewer. It helps designing for a specific space and to have the encouragement of the gallery director to do what I want.



~ by fiberverse on January 21, 2013.

4 Responses to “Creating a Small Solo Show in Six Weeks”

  1. The quilt with the moose and the aspen leaf (?) could be my favorite. Thank you, Cindy. You’re an inspiration, you know.

  2. Ah. good. I hesitate with aspen leaves. I love them. And when I see a leaf from a bodhi tree, I assume, hopefully, it’s a gi-normous aspen. Glad I got it right this time. When are the moose prints becoming note cards? Hmmm?

  3. Good, very interesting show. Glad I got to see it twice, in daylight. I’m in love with that sweet moose now.

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